Trip to brazil during co-vid


Hello. How are you doing? Now corona virus wave is suffering european countries again replacing for us, brazil and india. Brazil in south america has accpeted foreigners with some specail conditions since august. Readers of this blog ask me more details so today’s topic is this 😉


3 things you have to care when you trip to brazil as a turist (25th/sep info)

  • 陸路・水路での入国は不可。空路のみ。
  • 90日以内の短期滞在者が入国可能
  • ブラジル旅行中をカバーするブラジル国内で有効な保険の加入義務
  • Access only by plane. No road and sea.
  • Your visit must be under 90 days
  • Need travel insurance for your all days in brazil


Access only by plane. No road and sea…… The peak of corona cases in brazil seems to be over, and new cases is getting decreasing but still 20,000 ppl is new cases everyday so that the government controls the people movement. Last day, they also controlled some airport closed but now almost airport is working.


Your visit must be under 90 days……. Maybe you don’t need to be care too much but you have to leave brazil within 90 days for sure, if not, you will be illigal stay and need to pay about 100 brazil real per day for penalty. I asked a question to embassy that if i cannot because of co-vid and they said that now its not you can not leave brazil because there is some flight woking to go another countries so suggest to make a plan for leaving not to pay penalty. If you want, you can ask extend stay at state police station but they almost close their work during co-vid so it’s better to leave within 90days anyway.

最後の、【ブラジル旅行中をカバーするブラジル国内で有効な保険の加入義務】だけ気にしていたら大丈夫じゃないかなと、個人的には思っています。ここでいう、有効な保険とはいわゆる海外旅行保険のことで①ブラジル滞在期間をカバー、②医療費用(medical expenses)の保証が最低3万レアル(日本円で60万以上)③加入証明書がポルトガルまたは英語で記載されていることが条件となります。海外旅行保険の提示は、空港でのチャックイン時、搭乗時、ブラジル入国時に求められます。加入していれば問題はないので、紙ベースでも、携帯画面でも提示が可能で、出国の航空券も聞かれませんでした。

Need travel insurance for your all days in brazil…….This is the most important and you have to care only this actually ;). You have to get travel insurance which ①applies for all days your staying ②medical expenses should be more than 30,000 brazil real ③certificates must be written in English or Portuguese. You have to show it when you checkin at airport, get bord and immigration in brazil. You can show it on paper or phone, doesn’t matter 😉 no need to show flight ticket to leave brazil too.


Ok! That’s all I can say about 😉 Don’t forget mask with you .


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