NEW series 【From world’s town life】①Brazil


Hello! Oi! Oi is native language in Brazil and means hi, hello. Finally I came to brazil, opposite country from japan. Speaking of brazil, south america, you can hear it’s dangerous, not safe but i didn’t feel unsafe actually. This is just what i felt but there are so many homeless ppl, I have been to more than 50 coutries though. Police is also everywhere so that not easy to do really bad things but still be careful for thief and robber etc. I talked too much but today I will presents new series blog article, its【From world’s town life】. I always writes about tourist but I got some comments saying they want to know about more dailey life so in this series, you can find more local things 😉 Let’s see !


Thousands of street art, its everywhere 😉


There is japanese town because there are many japanese-brazilian people there.


Can’t believe how much homeless ppl here, in the strret, park everywhere too.


Why the garbage must be high position?


Oh, I found it HERE. Japanese franchise SUKIYA here. Brazilian love that.


This is the juice powder loved by local.


How strong gate in the bus.


This is normal lunch. Just 2-3 USD for this big plate.


Some houses has 2 address because of re-arranging area.


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