Day trip to the most beautiful beach in GUARUJA near from sao paulo


Hello! It’s me, Yuichironyjp. Speaking of brazil, you may think about huge forest, river and beach and if you will travel to brazil for the first time, you must visit sao paulo and rio de janeiro. Today I will introduce GUARUJA which is the most beautiful beach near from sao paulo.

1グアルジャとは??? What is Guaruja


Guaruja is people from sao paulo’s favorite resort, just about 80 minutes by car. On the weekends, there are so many people with children for relaxing and it’s very famous spot too but it’s still kind a secret places for some tourist like japanese etc. Because there are not many web-pages in your languages.

2グアルジャへのアクセス Access to guaruja


It’s very simple to go to Guaruja. Just go to metro Jabaquara which is last station in L1 line and take a but to get there. Metro and bus terminal are connected so just follow the direction. No need to be lost. In the bus terminal, look for the booth written ” Guaruja ” and buy the ticket 😉 You can see the name of bus company, departure time and seats and seats are huge for brazilian so you must be comfortable but sometimes it’s a bit too much cold because of air conditions, just remember about that 😉



Maybe better to use blablacar if you find good driver for your time . You can check about blabla

3グアルジャで絶対行くべきスポット①『Pitangueiras beach』


Pitangueiras beach is the most beautiful beach in Guaruja, just about 15 minutes away from bus terminal. There are many hotel and condominiums along the beach and many surfers comes for good waves too. Waves here is mild and beaches are huge so that you can visit there even if you not good swimmer.

4グアルジャで絶対行くべきスポット②『Mirante da Caixa D’Água』


Mirante da Caixa D’Água is a observation deck you can see the wonderful beaches. This is not very tourist spot yet so you can feel local and winners.


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